Saturday, June 04, 2005

In the beginning...

My first contact with genetics came when a friend of mine lent me Nobel winner's James Watson book "The Double Helix" and I finally learned how a 22 year old guy and his colleague Francis Crick established the basis of what we now know of DNA.

My second contact with genetics was thorugh the book "Molecular Biology of the Cell" that's a great compendium of what we now understand and suppose about the cellular functioning. I first got puzzled to see a book with more than 1000 pages dedicated only to the cell's itnernals but after I started reading it I realized I was entering a totally new world I had never conceived before.

Many say the 21st century will be the beginning of the genetic revlution, that many diseases will be cured and people will live a lot longer and better, however even though we have better technology and more money for investigation than ever before, the advances of biotechnology is threatened by a new Dark Age of inquisition and ignorance.

This is the Brave New World we live in and I intend to do my part to make the difference. If you also believe you're here to do something and leave your marks on this planet then you're more than welcome.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Aristo,
I have not been feeling too well, so I started playing with my computer in bed, and went into amazon .com, typed in the word I genix, looking for mobile eletric cooker, when I-Genics site showed up. I read your writng on Ageing and dying and the reasons why you think we die; it makes so much sense to me. It has set me thinking about life, why are we here in the first place, why are we born very tiny, then grow up to be all we can be, age and die off? thanks for putting your thoughts down for others to read. I'll patronise this site from now on to see if I can contribute some thing useful.

kind regards,


3:09 AM  
Blogger Ariosto Silva said...

Dear Tonia,

Thanks for the post. Glad to know you liked he site. I haven't been able to update it lately but I hope to post something new soon.

Best regards

12:33 PM  

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